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      • 產品詳細

      1、皮帶運輸機 Belt conveyor


      (1)皮帶運輸長度 Belt conveying length: 2400mm

      (2)皮帶運輸寬度 Belt conveying breadth: 1300mm

      (3)工作高度 Working height: 800-850mm(可調Adjustable)

      (4)裝機功率 Installation power: 1.5kW

      (5)傳送速度 Conveying speed: 10-40m/min變頻調速(Frequency control)

      (6)外形尺寸 (L x W x H): 2400 x 1760 x 850m m

      (7)重量Weight: 約(about)400Kg

      2、電動進出料熱壓機(帶掃塵裝置)Hot press

      BY624 x 8/16

      (1)公稱總壓力 Total pressure: 1600kN

      (2)熱壓板數量及規格 Platen No.&size:2-2500 x 1300 x 42mm

      (3)工作層數Working layer:1

      (4)熱壓板間距Opening:300 m

      (5)加壓油缸數量及直徑 No.&diameter of main oil cylinder: 10-Φ85mm

      (6)提升油缸數量及直徑 No.&diameter of raising oil cylinder:2-Φ85mm

      (7)有效工作幅面最大壓強 Specific pressure:5Kgf/cm2

      (8)額定壓力 Rated pressure: 28MPa

      (9)閉合速度 Closing speed: 50mm/s

      (10)加熱方式 Heating way: 電熱介質循環(Electric heated with thermic oil)

      (11)工作溫度Working temperature:室溫-120℃(Indoor temperature-120℃)

      (12)傳送速度 Conveying speed:10-40m/min(變頻調速Frequency control)

      (13)進料方式 Loading way: 電動,縱向(Automatically, width direction)

      (14)壓板開啟方式 Hot platen opening way:電動,PLC觸摸屏控制(Automatically,PLC,Touching screen control)

      (15)裝機功率 Installation power:45kW

      (16)外形尺寸( L x W x H ):3200 x 3370 x 2525mm

      (17)供電制式Voltage: 3PE 380V 50Hz

      (18)重量Weight: 約(about)7700Kg


      There is a 30 seconds countdown sound signal designed in the electric controlling system And the 30 seconds can be adjustable.


      Roller conveyer[With elevating and positioning device(Locating edges and center)]


      (1)運輸長度 Conveying length: 2400mm

      (2)運輸寬度 Conveying breadth: 1300mm

      (3)傳送速度 Conveying speed: 10-40m/min(變頻調速Frequency control)

      (4)裝機功率 Installation power: 1.5kW

      (5)工作高度 Woking height: 800-850mm(可調Adjustable)

      (6)升降高度 Lifting height: 100mm

      (7)外形尺寸 (L x W x H): 2440 x 1660 x 900mm

      (8)重量Weight:  約(about)800Kg